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What Is a Recall

A vehicle recall is the elimination of a detected defect, and almost all car manufacturers periodically recall their products to solve detected problems. In some cases, manufacturer recalls vehicles after receiving massive customer complaints. In others, the company's experts themselves discover flaws when evaluating the performance of vehicles during operation. The reason can be both a problem during the assembly of the car, and a defect in components produced by a third-party manufacturer.

Only cars that were equipped with a defective part are included in the recall campaign. If the manufacturer “admitted” that, for example, a defective airbag or a catalytic converter was installed on all produced cars in a certain period, it does not matter whether the car is under warranty or not - after appropriate checks, the part or assembly is subject to free replacement in dealership.

In some cases recall campaigns may concern important elements (engine, transmission, brakes), sometimes they are used as an additional advertising ploy, once again demonstrating the company's loyalty to the consumer.

Recall Check

How do I know if a vehicle has a recall? The manufacturer and the authorized dealer will do their best to inform the car owner about the need to visit the car service. You can also independently find out about the availability of reviews for your car on the Recalls List website by selecting the brand, model and year of production or by VIN number.

How Much Does It Cost

Dealer's work included in the recall campaign, as well as ordering new parts to be replaced for the car owner is absolutely free. All possible costs are covered by the manufacturer.

Latest Recall Notices

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South Korea's Kia and Hyundai recalled 600 000 cars due to inadequate boot latch.

1 Toyota 4Runner Undercarriage Rust

Premature frame rust forming on the undercarriage of 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra, and Sequoia

1 Mazda CX-30 Liftgate Issue on 2020-2021 Models

Is Mazda CX-30 worth purchasing in light of unpredictable concerns?