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2006 BMW 3

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    Reported Problems

    4 Total Safety Recalls Found

    EU rapid alert system

    • Risk level: 1

    • Rapex alert: A12/1207/14

    • Date of the problem: 08/08/2014

    The frontal passenger-side inflators could create excessive internal pressure during air bag deployment after long-term exposure to high absolute humidity environments. In a worst case scenario, the inflator may rupture, possibly causing injury. Even if the inflator does not rupture, due to the specific design of the frontal passenger-side airbag module with its integrated inflator, excessive internal pressure of the inflator could potentially result in an increased risk of airbag-induced injuries in a deployment event.

    EU rapid alert system

    • Risk level: 3

    • Rapex alert: A12/1019/18

    • Date of the problem: 27/07/2018

    The plug connection for the positive battery cable may be defective. This could cause the vehicle electrics and the engine to fail while the vehicle is in motion.

    EU rapid alert system

    • Risk level: Fire

    • Rapex alert: A12/00390/21

    • Date of the problem: //20210319

    A contact defect can develop over time due to friction corrosion on the plug connection between the cable harness and the fan controller. The insulation of the cable harness can therefore become damaged over time, which could trigger a short circuit.

    EU rapid alert system

    • Risk level: 1

    • Rapex alert: A12/1569/15

    • Date of the problem: 11/12/2015

    The inflator of the driver’s airbag may rupture when the airbag is activated if it has been exposed to high humidity over a number of years. If the inflator ruptures, metal parts may be expelled and cause serious or even fatal injuries.

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