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2018 BMW X7

X7 (G07) generation is a 5 doors suv produced by BMW from 2018 to 2020 with diesel and petrol engines with maxspeed 155 mph. Capacity is 6-7 passengers including driver and total weight is 7253 lbs with 1830 lbs maxload.

Model Trims

  • X7 30d (265 Hp) xDrive Steptronic
  • X7 40i (340 Hp) xDrive Steptronic
  • X7 50i (462 Hp) xDrive Steptronic
  • X7 M50d (400 Hp) xDrive Steptronic

Features & Specs




N/A mpg city
N/A mpg hwy





Reported Problems

4 Total Safety Recalls Found

EU rapid alert system

  • Risk level: 1

  • Rapex alert: A12/0477/19

  • Date of the problem: 22/03/2019

The screw fitting used to attach the front left-hand seat and/or a safety belt may not have been tightened with the correct torque. This could affect the attachment of the seat and/or safety belt, increasing the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

EU rapid alert system

  • Risk level: 1

  • Rapex alert: A12/1012/19

  • Date of the problem: 12/07/2019

The head airbags may be incorrectly installed. This may result in insufficient deployment of the airbags in the event of an accident, increasing the risk of injuries.

EU rapid alert system

  • Risk level: 2

  • Rapex alert: A12/1282/19

  • Date of the problem: 23/08/2019

Due to inadequate screwing, the high-pressure pump could become detached and fuel may leak out. This could lead to engine failure and to increased risk of the vehicle catching fire.

EU rapid alert system

  • Risk level: Accident

  • Rapex alert: A12/00590/21

  • Date of the problem: //20210430

Defective hydraulic unit of the braking system may cause limited braking support and increased braking distance. Moreover, in such cases, the ABS system would not be available. This will lead to an increased risk of an accident.

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